The goal of the "Centre for Scientific Geospatial Analyses and Satellite Computations including laboratories for testing and authorising geomatic products (CENAGIS)" is to establish a unique, integrated infrastructure aiming at implementation of modern research works in the field of geomatics, geospatial engineering and geoinformation science (GISscience).

The objective of the project is to establish the centre for scientific, geospatial analyses at world level, with the use of recent technologies, in particular geoinformation and IT technologies, allowing for remote access to unique research laboratories to the wide groups of scientists and collaborating, innovative technological companies.

The Phase 1 of implementation of the Centre has been granted by the European Fund of Regional Development  within the Priority Axis 1 "The use of research works in economy", Activities 1.1. „Research and development activities of research units” of the Regional Operational Programme of the Mazovia Voivodship for the period 2014-2022.

Two basic components are being performed within the Phase 1:

1)      the advanced IT infrastructure (cyber-infrastructure) allowing for implementation of geospatial analyses (such as spatial big data with data mining functionality) and satellite computations

2)      laboratories for standardisation/calibration and authorising measuring instruments used for collecting geoinformation and laboratories for testing geoinformation applications and spatial data.

In order to perform the assumed task, the scientific repository of geospatial data ofPoland, including the computational centre, as well as the virtual research laboratory with access to open, vector and raster spatial data, for the entirePoland, will be established. As a result of cooperation with partners, access to satellite imageries of the European Space Agency (ESA) will be also ensured.

A unique solution will include the possibility to configure virtual machines, according to users' demands, ensuring the required computational power, GIS software, disk space and, first of all, the configured access to relevant files of spatial data. An open analytical platform will play key role.  It will be developed within the project implementation and developed in successive years of utilisation of the CENAGIS infrastructure within various scientific projects, performed by scientists cooperating with the Centre.

Apart from the IT infrastructure, non-virtual (physical) laboratories will be also created, which will allow for testing measuring equipment (e.g. the laboratory for calibrating laser scanners and digital cameras), as well as geoinformation applications (such as navigation applications). The convenient access big sets of spatial data (with the structures developed especially for scientific purposes), as well as an analytical platform dedicated for scientific analyses will be ensured. The planned Centre will be open for cooperation in the field of many kind of geospatial resources, which are being developed in Poland (such as geodetic, road, railway, forest, geological, agricultural, meteorological, planning, architectural, environmental protection, defence data) in order to their common processing, analyzing and harmonisation. Such activities will allow for expanding integration of scientific community in order to maintain multidisciplinary research at world level, basing on geospatial data. The nature of the project and its tasks will differ from the recently created Centre for Spatial Analyses for Public Administration (CAPAP); however it has been planned to widely combine those two solutions. In particular, results of research performed at the CENAGIS could become the basis for the CAPAP development.

The existing centre for satellite computations, operating within the Astronomic and Geodetic Observatory at Józefosław will be also developed within CENAGIS.