The aim of the project is to create a center for world-class geospatial scientific analysis, using the latest technologies, in particular geoinformatics and information technology, allowing remote access to the unique research laboratories of a wide range of scientists and cooperating innovative technology companies.

There are two main components within the project:

  1. advanced IT infrastructure allowing for geospatial analysis and satellite calculations (spatial big data type),
  2. laboratories for testing and authorising measuring instruments used in acquiring spatial data and laboratories for testing geoinformation applications and spatial data.

In order to carry out the task, a scientific repository of geospatial data of Poland will be created together with the computation center and a virtual research laboratory with access to open spatial data sets for the country, both vector and raster. Thanks to the partners, access to satellite images of the European Space Agency (ESA) will be provided.

A unique solution will be the possibility to configure virtual machines on user's request, with appropriate computing power, selected GIS software, disk space, and above all with configured access to appropriate spatial data sets. An open analytical platform created during the project implementation will also be extremely important, and then developed in the subsequent years of use of CENAGIS infrastructure within the framework of various scientific projects carried out by scientists cooperating with the Centre.

Apart from the IT infrastructure, physical laboratories will also be created, enabling testing of both measuring equipment (e.g. laboratory for calibration of laser scanners and digital cameras) and geoinformation applications (e.g. navigation). Convenient access to very large spatial data sets (with structures specially prepared for scientific purposes) and an analytical platform dedicated to scientific analyses will be provided. The planned Center will be open to cooperation in the field of scientific analyses other than geodetic geospatial data resources, which are being created in Poland (e.g. road, rail, forest, geological, agricultural, meteorological, planning, architectural, environmental protection, national defense in order to jointly process and analyze and harmonize them. These activities will allow to increase the integration of the scientific community in order to conduct world-class interdisciplinary research based on spatial data. The project will have a different nature and tasks than the recently established Centre for Spatial Analysis of Public Administration (polish name: "Centrum Analiz Przestrzennych Administracji Publicznej" - CAPAP), but a broad linkage between the two solutions is planned. In particular, the results of research at the research center will be able to be the basis for the development of CAPAP.

The project will also develop the existing Satellite Computing Center operating within the Astronomical-Geodetic Observatory in Józefosław.