The main idea of scientific analyses based on CENAGIS infrastructure will be to develop new models and algorithms of data analysis for use in industry, services and public offices.

The project will be carried out at the Warsaw University of Technology, but in terms of ideas the project is a common project for the entire academic community dealing with the broadly understood geomatics in Poland. In order to consolidate the research, a new Scientific Network of Geospatial Data Analysis and Presentation of Poland is planned, which will consolidate and coordinate the research programme in the field of geoinformation in Poland. All interested departments and research units, in which research in the field of widely understood geoinformation is conducted, will be invited to join the network. This applies not only to surveying and cartographic and geographical units, but also to those conducting research in the following fields: computer science, nature protection, forestry, geology, architecture, civil engineering, transport, mining.

The activities of CENAGIS are therefore to ensure, on the one hand, the improvement of the scale, quality and effectiveness of geomatics research in Poland and the reduction of its costs (common infrastructure for many scientific centres), and on the other hand, to enable the commercialisation of research by maintaining close relations with entrepreneurs at the stage of designing CENAGIS and its use. The new infrastructure is to enable the development and testing of new products by companies, as well as to promote access to the technology of consortium members and partners of CENAGIS.

Developed technological solutions, methods and algorithms based on geospatial data obtained from geodetic and cartographic resources, after the assessment of commercialization potential will be able to be implemented by companies, both partners and other interested in the results of research. All fees for the use of geodetic and cartographic resource data will be paid to relevant institutions by entities commercializing the research in accordance with the relevant provisions of law, in particular the Surveying and Cartographic Law.

The proposed solution is by definition a supporting solution for the development of Spatial Information Infrastructure by, among others, developing effective methods of using spatial data created in Poland, testing them and creating national open analytical software. Therefore, the project at each stage was supported by the Chief Surveyor of the Country, Surveyor of Mazowieckie Voivodeship, GeoPola Cluster and Mazowieckie ICT Cluster.