Cooperation offer

Infrastructure will be available on transparent principles both for scientific entities, enterprises and public institutions. Openness of CENAGIS will be the basic guiding idea. Despite the proposed technologies ensuring virtual access, a friendly physical environment will be created in the scientific and educational centre in Józefosław, which will be conducive to conducting joint research by teams composed of representatives of various scientific entities and enterprises, as well as doctoral students and students participating in the research. Planned usable space in the planned headquarters of CENAGIS allows for both research and conference activities, business, but also provides extremely interesting accommodation conditions (accommodation opportunities) in a green environment. The aim of the project is not to directly generate income for the Consortium members or Partners forming the Centre. The benefits should be seen in the access to a unique innovative infrastructure and joint creation and implementation of research and development programs in the future.

Partners (universities, enterprises) implementing research projects will be able to, for example, apply for funding not for individual purchase of data, but for the development of common resources. They will not have to develop small, individual IT infrastructures to the same extent as before, but they will have to "add" to the existing solution further "geospatial services", implementing further advanced algorithms of data analysis and using previously developed services by other teams of scientists, within the framework of earlier research.

The creation of infrastructure is financed from the EU fund within the framework of the ROP Mazowieckie Voivodeship and from the funds of the above mentioned commercial consortium members. However, the consortium members will not be co-owners of the infrastructure. All entities will have access to infrastructure on the same principles. Preferences may result from e.g. the level of involvement in the implementation of scientific projects. Full cooperation with other companies on similar principles is possible and advisable.

Partners and members of the Network of Scientific Geospatial Analyses will be able to influence the shape of the infrastructure under construction

The issue of creating (ownership of) infrastructure and authorship (co-authorship) of research projects (or commercialisation of research) are separate issues (WUT does not automatically become co-authors of projects that use infrastructure).