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Research areas

  • effective processing, analysis and visualization of large collections of geospatial data (mainly in the cloud), including satellite images, aerial photographs, laser scanned point clouds and various vector data, including topographic, geological and forest data (SPATIAL BIG DATA)
  • integration and analysis of 3D data from air and satellite ceilings and terrestrial data (photogrammetry)
  • processing and integration of satellite-based multisite data and geospatial multisource data (remote sensing studies)
  • development of innovative concepts for cartographic data visualization
  • verification of scientific hypotheses related to phenomena in the geographical area
  • detection of phenomena and objects in space
  • Detection of connections and interdependencies of phenomena and objects in space
  • creation of models of phenomena, processes and objects connected with spatial location
  • design and testing of navigation systems
  • development of methods of testing, calibration and certification of geomatic sensors
  • permanent satellite calculations for global positioning of coordinate systems
  • others