Platform for Scientific Geospatial Analyses

CENAGIS will provide solutions for both commercial and open source suppliers.

Both proven, advanced geoinformatics technologies and experimental solutions will be available.

CENAGIS infrastructure will consist of several nodes in distributed architecture. The aim of such an approach is to maximize the use of existing solutions, enable scalability of the solution and ensure that Consortium members and Partners run their commercial activities in the CENAGIS environment. It is planned to create both non-commercial nodes (in other universities) and commercial nodes (in companies).

Basic functional assumption:

  • Typical cloud computing
  • Virtualization
  • Configured access to harmonised spatial data
  • Space for your own working data
  • Access to a wide range of analytical software on several levels:
  • predefined analyses
  • configured classic GIS software (commercial and open source)
  • new analytical platform consisting of many open source, freeware and commercial libraries
  • advanced analysis through Jupiter Notebook and API technologies
  • Possibility of extending the platform with own software/algorithms
  • Sharing of research results, including resulting spatial data sets
  • Possibility to create Virtual Research Teams

Big data technologies used: